Had a wonderful color analysis session with Susan! The process was so thorough and customized for me. Totally has changed my perspective of buying/wearing colors that work best for me. Would recommend to others!
Angela K., Bloomingdale, NJ

I would highly recommend Dressed 2 Perfection's color analysis service. My friend and I both scheduled an appointment with Susan, and it was the perfect way to spend a girls' day out together. Once Susan identified what my color season and skin tone were, she proceeded to patiently work through all of her color swatches to determine what the "best" colors for me within my color season were. My color analysis was followed by a makeup consultation where I asked Susan for a natural makeup look as I don't wear makeup on a daily basis now but wanted to start. I was so pleased with the result as I still looked like "me", but better. I have very sensitive skin, and the Color Me Beautiful products she used did not aggravate it at all and lasted the rest of the day until I removed the makeup later that night.
Suzanne B., Maywood, NJ

I was looking for an in-person color analysis for my two daughters and found Dressed 2 Perfection. She spent one and a half hours with each girl, draping large pieces of cloth and providing her thoughts on why a certain shade was better than an other. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a great eye for color. Her office space in her home is warm, welcoming and professional. When taking pictures during the session I was surprised to see that the color through my camera lens was quite different than the in-person color. Something to think about if you are considering a virtual or in-person color analysis.
Terri M., Morris Plains, NJ

Working with Dressed 2 Perfection was great. The experience was fun and eye opening. I gained so much knowledge and feel more empowered when it comes to shopping and presenting my best self.
Amanda S., NJ

Our experience with Susan was amazing. My 2 daughters and I did the color analysis and we are using our color wallets  now when we shop (and in evaluating our closets!). Thank you Susan. It was lot's of fun!
Donna D., Basking Ridge, NJ

Thank you so much for doing my colors and my make-up this year, and giving me a fresh Fall look! Your home studio was so lovely and comfortable that I immediately felt at ease. When you draped all the fabric swatches close to my face, I could really see how each color either brightened my complexion and enhanced my features, or made me look tired and washed out. I loved all the products you used on me, and was relieved to find that the Color Me Beautiful products were reasonably priced and affordable. After our session, I confidently went home and cleaned out my closet. I gave away a lot of the clothing that was not in my color season. I bought scarves and jewelry in my best colors to make some of my basic clothing pieces look better on me, especially around my face. Best of all, I now know what colors to shop for and what to leave on the rack. Not only do I look better, but I don’t waste money on the wrong colors and now everything in my closet works better together. It is also much easier to shop for accessories. Your skincare and make-up tips were easy for me to follow at home. I love using the products, so I get the maximum benefit from them and know that my skin has improved. I know that I look younger, healthier and more attractive, because of your color analysis, make-up and skincare services. Thank you so much for the make-over! I feel much more confident and receive many more compliments.